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Since ancient times the bridge has been a symbol of unity and power, an element that unites two extremes. Humans are, by nature, a builder of bridges.

The legend of Puente Austral that there was a man in love with the Torres del Paine, across the bridge every day crossing the river by canoe to get close to them, until one day the river rose and froze while it was impossible to cross. So this man seduced by the beauty and harmony emanating from Torres, persuaded his people to build the legendary Puente Austral, promising to find the other side, the doors of an infinite paradise.

Located on the Paine river in the area of Salto Grande, Puente Austral was recognized as one of the first approaches to the Torres del Paine National Park at the time.

"Men build too many walls and not enough bridges" Isaac Newton


OUR MISION is to produce high quality wines, to satisfy demanding customers and achieve long-term relationships with our business partners.

We are committed to producing wines of a strong identity, ensuring a careful and personalized treatment of vineyards and exercising careful control at all stages of winemaking, barrel aging and the final bottling.

We are focused in obtaining modern wines, easy to drink and with great quality.


Puente Austral Wines wants to be a reference in national and international wine sector, as a family company that produces wine of the highest quality. Based on this premise, we incorporate sustainability into our business seeking to generate economic, social and environmental results